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The Power Of Social Media All Throughout The Buyer’s Journey

Have you noticed how social media affects all of the stages in the entire buyer’s journey?

Image by USA-Reiseblogger from Pixabay

During this technological era, most of the people are so-called “digital”. Those who are using smartphones or laptops are very much familiar or involved in Social Media. Even kids nowadays, they are always on Youtube or Tiktok as early as 2 years old.

Have you noticed how your favorite YouTubers or vloggers ask you to click the subscribe button or hit the notification bell below the video? Or how your Facebook friends are asking you to like their page or follow them? How about your LinkedIn connections, how easy to be a recruiter nowadays if you are using this platform, right? 

You might not notice it, but these people on social media are affecting your decision-making skills. And they are doing it on the entire Buyer’s Journey, during the Awareness stage, Consideration, Decision, and Retention. Let me dig on each part. 

Awareness Stage. Imagine if you are the Buyer, and you have a sweet tooth. For the very first time you just saw one of your friends on Facebook post a picture of a cake that she baked, she just learned this new skill and she is now accepting orders. So you will be aware now, whenever you are craving for a dessert, you will contact her in Messenger. 

Consideration Stage. You are browsing pictures on Instagram and you saw one of your cousins who is also into bakeshop business. You just learned that she is becoming very famous and they will be celebrating their anniversary soon. Now you have two options on your dessert needs. 

Decision Stage. You need a cake for a friend’s birthday. When you click on your friend’s Facebook profile, she just posted a link to her YouTube channel, after you watch that video tutorial, you are encouraged to buy. You decided to help her instead of your cousin because she is new in the business. 

Retention Stage. Your friend delivered your beautiful cake. And as a new customer, she said that you will get 20% off on your next order, but you will have to like and follow their LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook page. Without hesitation, you even shared it with other friends and connections. 

Have you noticed how social media affects all of the stages in the entire buyer’s journey?

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Jennifer Kristine
Written By

Jennifer is an amazing Social Media Strategist & Content Creator who helped business owners to turn their brick & mortar to digital by maximizing social media platforms. Follow her on LinkedIn and website.



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