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Here’s How Your Current Employees Can Help In Passive Hiring Strategy

Current employees can only add as much value as they are either allowed or empowered to

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We are yet to arrive at a time when organisations are entirely devoid of humans, and all the processes are taken care of by technology. Humans are still one of the most pertinent resources in any organisation, irrespective of the industry, geography and the markets. Hence, hiring the best talent is even more important than deploying the best technology in the organisation today.

Such critical nature of human resources places much pressure on hiring managers. The cost of attrition and hiring is one the most crucial entries in balance sheets and organisations are doing their best to level up the costs with profits.

While the first refuge is always innovative technological solutions, there are few more ways of attracting high-potential talent. Hiring freshers or mid-level executives are not as challenging as hiring a leadership level team. Hunting for the right match is definitely a challenge for the leadership or senior teams; however, getting in touch with these high-profile potential candidates is an even more significant challenge.

In such situations, the HR managers certainly shouldn’t use the one size fits all approach. Just how every child gets lured by different candies, different employees, too, are attracted to new jobs and organisations with different parameters. Hence, when cold calling or impressing the assistants doesn’t work for senior potential hires, the existing employees in the organisation can come to your rescue. Here are a few ways in which your passive hires can be turned into active candidates.

Networking at business conferences. Business summits and conferences are not a waste of time contrary to popular opinion. Sending your current employees will not only gain exposure for the organisation but will also help in connecting with other like-minded individuals. These like-minded individuals may then become interested in working with each other and gravitate each other towards the same goals or even support the organisation in scoring you a passive potential hire. In fact, the number of senior executives who turned into active potential candidates is incredibly high in such informal or unlikely settings.

Alumni networkers. Alumni networkers are not only connected with their alma mater but also with other people from their educational institution. Hence, alumni networks are a rich source of passive candidates that can be turned into active hires. And who will bring out this shift? Your current employees in this network! If your employee is an active alumnus of his/her school or college, then they will definitely turn some of those high-profile alumni into active potential hires for your company.

Glassdoor reviews. Most employees irrespective of their job profile and seniority spend at least 8-12 hours in the office. This makes the workplace a very close-knit association in the employee’s life and makes it difficult for some employees to express their honest concerns and thoughts about their workspace and their seniors. This is when platforms such as Glassdoor rescue the correct thoughts and reviews of most employees.

Glassdoor ensures complete anonymity and allows the employees to express their positive, negative as well as neutral concerns on the platform. It also allows the employees to provide more information about their organisation such as salaries, flexibility and other benefits. HR managers can milk this platform not by asking for just positive reviews but honest, anonymous reviews from employees that will help managers to align their HR practices with employees’ needs and demands. Moreover, a good number of reviews will often stay hooked in the reader’s mind and among these readers may be the organisation’s future potential hire.

In any organisation, current employees can only add as much value as they are either allowed or empowered to. Hence, for employees to contribute to the HR’s hiring process, it is essential to equip them and give them the freedom to seek out their future colleagues, juniors or even bosses.

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