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Triller To Offer Live Streaming Starting On October 12th

Triller Go Live Pays Three Times More Than TikTok Go Live Feature

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Triller Already Has Millions in Pre-Donated Backlog For Influencer. Creators and Influencers to receive 3x what they receive on TIKTOK and 10 influencers to receive $50,000 donations directly from Triller each.

Beginning on October 12th, 2020, Triller users will have the ability to livestream content, further expanding Triller’s capabilities as the social platform’s user-base grows. This new feature will offer creators a new way to monetize their content. With a paywall feature and donate now, creators will be able to go live at any time opening up additional monetization routes.

“We always want to put our artists first. Go live was one of the first things our influencers wanted. In response, we designed a program that is the best and most sophisticated go live technology there is. This will be game-changing for influencers,” said Bobby Sarnevesht, Chief Triller Officer and Executive Chair. “We find it disturbing that TikTok takes such a big share of the artists work,” he continued.

While other social platforms do give creators the opportunity to monetize their live-streams, a majority of the money raised often goes to the platform itself. Triller, however, continues to be an artist-first application. With the well-being of creators being at the core of its business model, Triller will make sure that 70% of all money raised during live streams goes directly to the artist. Triller has also designated $5 million in ‘go live’ backlog that has been pre-purchased for influencers on a first-come, first-serve basis. The first 10 influencers who hit 100,000 concurrent viewers will each get 50K donations directly from the company. This is the first of many up and coming monetization programs for influencers. “We have already done internal tests, and if influencers use their IG and other social to encourage their followers to join their go live, this is a relatively easy metric for them to hit,” said Mike Lu, CEO of Triller.

“This generation has a huge appetite for live-streamed content, as we see how live-streamed events across social platforms have accumulated millions of viewers simultaneously. We want our users to know that we continue to update our app and add new features based on what we know will improve the experience for them based on their feedback,” continued Bobby Sarnevesht.

This latest development is the final integration of Halogen Networks into the platform, which Triller acquired this June with the intention of giving Triller users the opportunity to watch live events, including sports, musical acts, and more.

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