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Hospitality Industry in Australia: What to Expect in 2021?

Hotels are busy opening and normalcy are resuming.

The bounce-back of domestic travel following months of lockdown and border closures resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic brings new hope to the Australian hospitality industry.

Impact of the Pandemic on Tourism

The tourism industry is experiencing hard times as international borders are hindering travel during the Covid-19 pandemic. Limiting of movement between the eight states brings a halt to leisure activities and corporate tourism hence leaving the hotels in a devastating condition. The industry is experiencing a downturn noting the hotels in the central business district are no longer operational following the travel restrictions.

However, there is light at the end of the day as seen with Melbourne returning to its norm from the hellish lockdown, and more hotels are busy opening and normalcy are resuming. At the moment, people feel as if COVID-19 has been beaten and they can enjoy romantic cabins in NSW for a weekend. Unfortunately, many parts of the economy will not return to the norm.

Trends in the Hospitality Industry To Reshape The Industry

You might still be figuring out how to stay afloat in your hotel establishments. First, ensuring COVID-19 safety measures will have a significant impact on the industry in 2021. People have been yearning to stay in the hotels again and that is the reason behind the acceleration in the existing hospitality industry, which might bring a lasting change. Meanwhile, the following trends are useful to keep running in the industry.

Offering Digital Experiences to the Customers

Contactless technology, particularly apps, is one-way hoteliers are managing the services they provide, hence improving the customer experience. Contactless and digital technology are becoming popular in 2021. Traditional services are receiving an overhaul, thanks to the vast technology-assisted options, including biometrics, voice control, contactless payments and mobile check-in. If you are accustomed to opening your devices such as laptops using facial and fingerprint recognition, you will experience the same convenience while accessing hotel rooms. Even though the installation and maintenance may be expansive, it is worth it. You can dig deep in your pocket and invest.

Adapting New Asset Management and Hospitality Skills

Going for the asset management approach has become common in the industry. Separating the management and real asset operations allows companies to pay attention to the central business while improving efficiency. Even though it adds to the complexity and probably some more agency problems and creates new jobs such as asset managers, it is the way to go. Besides, a new job description is emerging daily hence increasing the complexity of the industry. Thus, this is essential for forecasting in efforts to increase quantitative competencies.

Personalization of Services

Today’s, guests are changing as they demand recognition and individual treatment. Some establishments will make personalized emails accessible by masses and ensure it reaches all target audiences through audience-specific communications. Adding the customer’s name in the email provides information about the previous buying habits hence enabling the hotel to tailor promotions that automatically meets the needs of the customer.

Bottom line

Hotels usually are shaped through the use of management systems to monitor the assets and increase revenues. In 2021, the hospitality industry and particularly hotels will offer digital experiences to costumers, adapt new asset management and hospitality skills while personalizing services to ensure they will manage the current situation.

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